No Pain No Gain: Experience the Benefits of Opting for Laser Dentistry

Many of you may have sleepless nights just thinking about laser dentistry near you. Rest assured! The actual teeth whitening procedure carried out by a dentist in North York is regarded as safe. It is nothing like the images conjured up in your imaginative mind.

Procedures Followed with Laser Teeth Whitening

You got curious, so you made up your mind that you wanted to know more about laser dentistry in North York and how professionals who practice these methods can give you that big white smile.

Here is a concise description of how it works:

1. You will get to sit in the dentist’s chair, where they will then apply a tooth whitening gel.
2. They will then point the laser device at your teeth, and the light from the laser will remove the yellow stains.

The laser’s light will help penetrate the whitening gel into the teeth’ enamel, thereby giving similar results to tooth bleaching. In many instances, you will not need any additional treatment once you have laser teeth whitening done by a dentist near you.

The Benefits Associated with Laser Dentistry

People who are saddled with sensitive teeth will love teeth whitening where laser dentistry is used. There is only one negative to this option is that it can be a bit pricey.

Once you have laser therapy, you may experience sharp shooting pain inside your teeth. Not to worry, it will come to an end after only 48 hours. Laser dentistry is perfect for busy people as they often neglect sticking to certain procedures to do with teeth whitening equipment. As a whole, laser teeth whitening is the preferred method for making your teeth white.

Is it Safe Using Peroxide Teeth Whitening Methods?

Just hearing about peroxide teeth whitening methods might have alarm bells going off in your mind. Many of the whitening gels you use nowadays contain carbamide peroxide. You may wonder just how safe using teeth whiteners containing peroxide is.

Safety Concerns around Peroxide Teeth Whitening

What about teeth whitening products containing peroxide? Isn’t it more important to establish just how safe it is to use peroxide teeth whitening products?

What the Facts Show

According to research, hydrogen peroxide decomposes to release free radicals. These, in turn, would break down any colored compounds causing the stains on your teeth. Teeth whitening formulas containing carbamide peroxide would produce hydrogen peroxide once it starts to break down in your mouth. Is there reason to be concerned about this?

Safety Concerns around Hydrogen Peroxide

Some people are concerned that certain teeth whiteners containing carbamide peroxide may cause cancer of the soft tissues in your mouth. This is based on the fact that teeth whiteners break down to form free radicals, resulting in cellular damage.

Luckily, teeth whiteners that dentists monitor as to the concentration of hydrogen peroxide present, where it only contains 10% carbamide peroxide, are deemed safe.

As confirmation, it has been proven that the hydrogen peroxide concentration used in these teeth whiteners is only 3.5 percent, and it does not show any carcinogenic risks whatsoever.

Then, your body has its defenses that it uses to counteract any possible harmful side effects experienced in using peroxide teeth whitening products. This compound is in your saliva, which according to calculations, can effectively neutralize 30mg peroxide in less than one minute. Interestingly, the specific peroxide teeth whitening product only contains about 3.52 mg of carbamide peroxide.

Other Concerns Around Peroxide Teeth Whiteners

Another concern often brought up by many people about using teeth whitening products containing peroxide may damage your tooth enamel.

Again, if you ensure you use teeth whitening products and laser dentistry options dentists like Underhill Dental would recommend, you should not be overly concerned about causing damage to your tooth enamel. Before using it, it is wise to do your research on any given product, including peroxide teeth whitening products.