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Dental Technology in Don Mills & Lawrence

Our practice is committed to providing patients with a modern dental experience. Technology helps us prevent, diagnose, and treat oral conditions. We are pleased to provide non-invasive imaging technology to provide you with a better overall dental experience.

Intraoral Scanner

The intraoral camera is an oral imaging technology that allows us to create3D renderings of the inside of the mouth. The camera is a small wand with disposable attachments that is moved around inside your mouth. The camera takes hundreds of images and uses software to piece them together, creating a detailed map of your mouth. It allows us to observe and note details such as areas of plaque buildup, damage and wear to the teeth and soft tissues, and cavities. We use the intraoral camera in our dental practice to provide patients with detailed diagnoses and treatment plans. We can also show you the images and provide you with a complete picture of your oral health.


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