Root Canal Therapy in North York

root canal therapy in north york

Root Canal Therapy Near You

Tooth loss can have negative impacts on a patient’s overall oral health, but with root canal procedures, we can often preserve the natural tooth and prevent further infections or abscesses. Our professional dental team provides root canal therapy in North York.

What is a Root Canal Procedure?

We often recommend root canal procedures when the roots of the tooth and the “pulp” inside them become infected. This tends to cause a lot of pain for patients, especially when chewing. While in the past, we might have had to extract the tooth permanently, a root canal allows us to drill into the tooth to remove the infected tissue.
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root canal treatment near you
what to expect from root canal treatment

What to Expect from a Root Canal Treatment

We’ll start your procedure by making sure you’re comfortable. Most people find the experience similar to having a filling placed. During the treatment, one of our experienced dentists will drill a tiny hole in the tooth and use several tools to clean out the root canals. Next, we will seal the tooth with a dental composite (a filling) or with a dental crown. This leaves the tooth intact, healthy, and pain-free.

Don’t let tooth pain get in the way of your day. If you have tooth pain that doesn’t go away, be sure to call Underhill Dental for an examination today! Looking for root canal treatment near you? We offer root canal therapy in North York.

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