Why Dentures are Not As Bad as Others Make it Out to Be


November 15, 2021

Dentures are customized appliances to replace missing teeth. They help one regain your ability to eat various foods and go a long way to restoring your self-image. Usually, they are worn during the day and set aside at night to allow the oral tissues to relax.

There are two types of modern-day dentures; full dentures (used to replace a full set of teeth that went missing) and partials (used when only some teeth went missing). If you’re missing most but not all your teeth, the dentist would generally suggest that you take out the remaining teeth and replace them with a full denture set.


What Are Dentures Exactly?

Dentures near you serve as suitable replacements for teeth you lost or that were extracted recently. In a lot of cases, a dentist would fit full dentures for replacing upper and lower teeth. If you are only left with a few teeth, then partial dentures will do just fine.

It appears as if the demand for dentures had dwindled. Especially if you consider the introduction of modern tooth implant technology. Sadly, not everyone would fit the bill of a suitable candidate for implants. So if you are one of the unlucky few who’ve lost all or most of your teeth and do not have enough bone for conventional implant surgery, dentures are a good option.

Just carrying on with missing teeth is a bad idea as they are vital for chewing ability, speech and support your facial muscles.

Without teeth, your face also appears to collapse on itself. So, dentures serve a range of purposes. Making it up takes about a month that may involve up to five appointments with a dentist near you. You’d have to allow eight weeks once they’ve been extracted for the wounds to heal.

At this point, your dentist in North York would start the process by making an impression first and a wax bite to determine your mouth’s exact dimensions and ensure the dentures follow the shape of your jaw.

Next, you will be given a try-in-like kind of demo model to help you determine whether the teeth are the proper color, shape, and fit.

Finally, any adjustments are made, and the dentures in North York are fitted.

Know that it takes time to get used to dentures as they can be a bit awkward at first and may affect your speech and eating habits for a while. In this regard, It is a good idea to start by eating soft, easily chewable foods until you are used to the sensation of eating with your new dentures and obtain a good feel for it.


Denture Care

● Dentures must be removed from your mouth and brushed daily with a suitable denture toothbrush and denture cleanser.
● They are fragile, so it’s vital to refrain from using harsh, abrasive cleaners, as these may scratch the surface.
● You should also never sterilize your dentures in boiling water.
● Partial dentures must be removed before brushing your natural teeth.
● Dentures should be soaked in a cleanser solution or plain water when not used.
● One should remove them at night to allow your gum tissue to rest so that normal stimulation and cleansing by your tongue and saliva can kick in.
● It is just as important to visit your dentist every six months so they can check for oral cavities or oral cancer or gum disease.

A person should be aware that you start to experience bone loss as you age, and your dentures become loose and uncomfortable. Do not try to adjust it yourself, as it may result in all kinds of damage to your dentures and your mouth. Rather speak to the experts in dental care such as Underhill Dental.